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Nashville: NASPP Chapter Meeting

March 21, 2017

7:30 a.m.

Event Contact

Jackie Vogelsang


Morgan Stanley
30 Burton Hills Blvd. Suite 250
Nashville, TN 37215
So ESPPs Aren't Dead After All? Design and Accounting Implications

Event Details

Please join us for our next chapter meeting. We will be providing breakfast as usual. Parking is free.  There are only a few places that are marked reserved, so anything else is open. 

Harrison Celone, our speaker, is a Senior Associate with Aon. He has consulted on a variety of equity compensation issues under ASC Topic 718 covering the design, valuation and accounting of employee stock options, employee stock purchase plans, and performance-based equity awards.

ESPPs have to live up to very high standards: encourage broad based employee stock ownership, minimize compensation cost, help employees save for the future, to name a few.  Is your ESPP accomplishing the intended goals?  Whether you are in the implementation stage or have had an ESPP for years, learn how to make your ESPP a success from start to finish.  From simple vanilla plans to more complex plans, the administration and financial reporting of ESPPs can be painstaking.

Please feel free to bring a guest and we hope to see you!!

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