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Nashville: February 2019 Webinar

February 13, 2019

1:00-2:30 CT

Excel Efficiencies for Equity Excellence  

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Please join us for our chapter webinar on Wednesday, February 13, 2019.  Elizabeth Dodge and Julie Kenia from Equity Plan Solutions will be presenting "Excel Efficiencies for Equity Excellence".  

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Session Title: Excel Efficiencies for Equity Excellence
Speaker:  Elizabeth Dodge, CEP and Julie Kenia, CEP from Equity Plan Solutions
How:  Using a GoToWebinar Connection

Whether we like it or not, spreadsheets are, and will continue to be, an integral part of equity compensation, and not just for Accounting and Finance. Yet, the number of inefficiencies and errors we see in our clients’ spreadsheets is growing, not shrinking. How do you get your Excel tasks done more quickly and easily? Learning or perfecting just a few simple tips and tricks and functions will help you streamline your processes, reduce your risk of error, and save your company time and money.

The Nahville Chapter is co-hosting this event with the Connecticut , Florida and Orange County NASPP Chapters!


Tommy Swindle, CEP
President, NASPP Nashville Chapter

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