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Nashville: Chapter Event

November 16, 2017

7:30 AM


Tractor Supply Company
5401 Virginia Way
Brentwood, TN 37027
Pirates of Stock-Based Compensation! A Treasure Hunt to Find Hidden Cost Savings in Your Equity Plans

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Pirates of Stock-Based Compensation!  A Treasure Hunt to Find Hidden Cost Savings in Your Equity Plans

Presented by Julia Franke, CEP and Kate Hall, CEP from Aon Equity Services​

Arrgghh you ready to save some money?  Your equity plans may already contain design features that could save your company some compensation expense.  Alternatively, there may be a better way of valuing your equity plans that can help lower the cost of the programs.  Join this group of pirates, err… experts, to find out where “X” marks the spot within your equity plan. 

Have you explored plans in which vesting accelerates upon retirement eligibility but the awards cannot be sold until the vest date?  There's potential for significant cost reductions.  Additionally, different assumption methodologies and valuation models can reduce compensation expense.

Jump on board to learn how to pillage your equity plan to reduce costs without impacting the design or employees!!

Presenters: Julia Franke, CEP and Kate Hall, CEP

Julia Franke is an Associate Director at Aon as part of the equity compensation consulting team. Julia has over ten years of experience in benefits and compensation consulting.

Julia works directly with clients to design well-constructed equity compensation plans, practices and procedures. Julia specializes in the valuation of equity compensation under Topic 718, including Employee Stock Options, Performance Based Awards and Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPPs). She has extensive experience with Monte Carlo simulations for the valuation of market based awards, as well as award modification valuations. She also is the strategic marketing leader for Aon’s PeerTracker, which tracks and communicates performance awards to clients, benefitting Human Resources and Financial Reporting.

Julia earned Bachelor of Science degrees in applied mathematics and economics from Shippensburg State University. She has earned the Certified Equity Professional designation from Santa Clara University.

Kate Hall is a Consultant with Aon’s Equity Services, the equity valuation and accounting group for Aon Hewitt that assists over 600 companies with all aspects of ASC Topic 718, ranging from plan design considerations to expense accruals.

She has consulted on a variety of employee benefits and compensation issues, including Employee Stock Option (ESO) valuations and consulting under Topic 718; valuations of Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP) under Topic 718; and valuations and consulting for potential Underwater Stock Option exchanges under Topic 718.

In her current role, Kate works directly with clients in analyzing stock option data, performing statistical analysis, developing assumptions, and producing financial reporting information for Employee Stock Option valuations, Employee Stock Purchase Plan valuations, potential Underwater Stock Option exchange valuations under Topic 718, and Performance Award valuations.

Kate graduated from the Smeal College of Business at the Pennsylvania State University where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree with distinction in Actuarial Science with minors in mathematics and statistics. She has passed the Actuarial Exams of Probability, Financial Mathematics, Models for Financial Economics and Models for Life Contingencies and is pursuing her Associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA) designation. She has earned the Certified Equity Professional designation from Santa Clara University.

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