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NASPP Nashville Dual Power Sessions: May 2021 via Zoom

May 06, 2021

12:00 – 1:15 PM CT

Two Power Sessions: 1) Dusting off your resume for your next great opportunity. 2) The Student Debt Crisis & Employee Wellbeing.

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Please join us for our NASPP Nashville chapter meeting on Thursday May 6th, for two special topics. We are very excited to host dual power sessions with: 1) Carole Dubas from Stock & Option Solutions and 2) Michael Stockwell & Maria DiMaggio from

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Power Session 1
Dusting off your resume for your next great opportunity. Do’s, Don’t, and helpful hints.
What many people don’t know about job searches is how much time recruiters or hiring-managers actually spend reading resumes.  Hint: It’s not as much time as you think.  During our power session we will discuss ways to get your resume noticed quickly. Focusing on the do’s & don’ts of resume etiquette, what are some key search words for equity compensation roles, and how to think like a recruiter. In addition, helpful hints on how to utilize LinkedIn in your job search.  Lastly, when you should send a cover letter and what to include to get noticed.
Power Session 2
The Student Debt Crisis & Employee Wellbeing

Student loan debt is one of the most significant financial challenges US employees are facing today. This has become a very hot topic in Washington over the last year.  We will discuss what the US government and companies are doing to address this problem.  In addition, 84% of American Adults with student debt report that student debt is negatively impacting their ability to save for retirement.  We will review innovative benefits and relevant solutions that companies are using to empower their employees to go beyond student debt and save for retirement.  

12:00 - 12:15 PM        Cameras On Networking via Zoom Breakout Rooms
12:15 - 12:40 PM        Power Session 1
12:40 - 12:45 PM        Q&A and Transitions
12:45 - 1:10 PM          Power Session 2
1:10  -  1:15 PM          Q&A and Wrap Up

The meeting is free and open to NASPP members and guests.  We encourage you to please invite your colleagues to attend the meeting as our guest.

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Tommy Swindle, CEP
President, NASPP Nashville Chapter


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