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L.A. Chapter Webinar | Accounting Impacts of Equity Modifications in Uncertain Times with Experts from Equity Methods | Registration Link Below

June 03, 2020

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

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Joanne Wendler
Josh Schaeffer, PhD and Director of Valuation, Services, speaks on Understanding Equity Modification Accounting During Uncertain Times - Potential Impacts of Award Adjustments

Speaker Information

Josh Schaeffer is a director and practice leader for Equity Methods’ valuation practice. He leads the delivery of valuation and advisory services related to complex securities.

Josh takes some of the most complicated financial instruments around and breaks them down so that anyone can understand them. These include a wide array of derivative securities pertaining to compensation agreements, private companies, partnerships, earnouts, and guarantees. Other areas of expertise include business investments and employee compensation awards. Josh is familiar with the approach external auditors take to these instruments, building that knowledge into the solutions he builds for clients and often communicating with auditors on their behalf.

Besides complex securities, Josh brings his academic and practical experience in economics, finance, and statistics to a range of other challenges. One is helping companies assess pay equity. Another is determining median employee compensation for purposes of CEO pay ratio calculation. He enjoys solving unique problems and mentors employees who share this aptitude.

Josh works closely with finance executives across a broad array of public and private firms. His clients range from early-stage, pre-IPO upstarts to some of the largest public companies in the world. He’s a frequent presenter for the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals, the American Society of Appraisers, and other industry organizations.

Prior to joining Equity Methods, Josh worked with Deloitte Financial Advisory Services and Cornerstone Research. In these roles, he focused on valuations and statistical analyses of businesses and investments for financial reporting, tax, consulting, litigation, and arbitration purposes.

Daniel Hunninghake is a director in Equity Methods’ financial reporting practice. His clients range from small private firms to some of the world’s largest multinationals, and from fast-growing technology startups to established blue chips. Known for a wide breadth of knowledge, Daniel also specializes in helping lean teams such as REIT organizations deliver high impact.

With expertise in both technical accounting and risk management, Daniel finds elegant solutions to the most complicated equity compensation problems. These include sorting out novel award designs, marrying financial and non-financial data, and working with messy data to build a robust process. Whatever the challenge, Daniel addresses it while keeping in mind end-to-end administrative, valuation, and financial and managerial reporting considerations.

Daniel drives new client implementations and process improvements for some of the financial reporting group’s most complex engagements. He’s also well-versed in valuation theory and HR advisory needs. As a result, Daniel has become a go-to resource for many of Equity Methods’ clients.

Daniel is a frequent presenter and thought leadership contributor. He has written for Equity Methods on numerous topics including modifications and assumed award reporting while also spearheading the firm’s growing tax specialties.

Yudian Tang, Manager with Equity Methods’ financial reporting practice.  Yudian helps clients address tough business challenges with equity compensation data and accounting. Yudian’s areas of expertise include modifications, assumed awards, IFRS reporting, and a variety of market and performance awards.

Yudian holds a master’s degree in global management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University. She graduated with a BS in finance and a BS in accounting from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.

Event Details

Josh Schaeffer, Daniel Hunninghake and Yudian Tang from Equity Methods' valuation and financial reporting practices will present, "Understanding Equity Modification Accounting During Uncertain Times"

Are you or your clients considering equity grant modifications in response to impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic?  COVID-19 hit businesses and markets hard—for many companies, right after their annual grant cycle was completed.  Many companies are considering modifications to equity awards to optimize against their new realities—whether that’s via resetting goals, applying discretion to payouts, or implementing option exchanges. In this session, we cover all the basics of accounting for modifications of equity awards. Whether you’re new to the world of modifications or simply a little bit rusty in certain areas, we will have you approaching your own company’s potential modifications with confidence.


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