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Los Angeles Chapter Luncheon and IRC Section 162(m) Presentation by Experts from PwC, Cooley and Certent

June 13, 2018

11:30am - 1:00pm

Event Contact

Joanne Wendler, CEP


Tetra Tech, Inc.
3475 East Foothill Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107

Event Details

Speaker Information

Raul Fajardo is the L3 Customer Support Manager for

Certent, Inc., supporting over 1,300 corporate clients on

Certent’s Equity Management and Disclosure Management

systems. His teams provide a wide range of support

ranging from 10k/10Q filing to providing equity

compensation expertise for ASC 718, IFRS2, ESPP

processing, Section 16, and more. Raul has more than

twenty years’ experience in equity compensation. He

speaks at various equity compensation conferences on

topics such as valuation, accounting, forecasting, tax

accounting, and mergers and acquisitions.

Prior to joining Certent, Inc., Raul was a Finance Manager

for Qualcomm, where he was responsible for the financial

reporting of Qualcomm's equity compensation programs,

including performance-based plans, restricted stock, stock

options, and ESPP. Raul is a Certified Equity Professional.


Whether playing guitar onstage or working with his clients,

Ken Stoler uses his creativity and passion for connecting with

others to bring out the best. Ken excels at understanding

complex problems, explaining the situation in plain English,

addressing the pros and cons of each potential

outcome/answer, and then collaborating with the group to

arrive at a solution.

As the leader of PwC’s HR Accounting Advisory practice,

Ken works with companies to address the financial

reporting, design, and operational issues associated with

employee compensation, including pension arrangements,

stock compensation plans, and other benefits. Ever

curious, Ken craves excitement and the unique, and

helping companies navigate their employee issues during

an IPO, spin off, acquisition, or other major event is a

perfect fit.

From his four daughters Ken has learned patience and the

importance of listening and connecting. His concern for

their future has sparked his passion for the advancement

of women in the workplace. Inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s

incredible book, Ken started his own “Lean-In Circle”,

which was an unusual risk for a “middle aged white guy”.

But it proved a great success, and he continues to look for

new and edgy ways to move the needle on gender issues.


Fee Structure

Non-members requested to pay $20 per person to reimburse luncheon cost.

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