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Impacts of Brexit & Geo-political developments on Share Plans; Los Angeles Chapter Lunch Meeting hosted by Baker McKenzie Century City

February 05, 2020

11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

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Joanne Wendler


Baker McKenzie LLP
1901 Avenue of the Stars, 9th floor
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Barbara Klementz of Baker McKenzie LLP speaks on the impacts of Brexit and other Global developments on share plans with domestic and global stock offerings.

Speaker Information

Barbara Klementz is the managing partner of Baker & McKenzie's Los Angeles, Palo Alto and San Francisco offices in California. She is the chair of Baker McKenzie's Compensation Sub Practice Group. She has practiced in the area of global equity and executive compensation for over 18 years.

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Brexit and Other Developments Affecting Global Share Plans
2020 is off to fast start, with many worrisome geo-political developments.  While the developments affecting global share plans are (thankfully) much more benign, you will still want to be on top of new issues and their impact on your company's plans.  Our presenter will discuss the recent changes around the world, both with respect to the tax treatment of awards (e.g., proposed elimination of 50% exemption for option income in Canada, Swedish tax withholding issues) as well as any regulatory changes (e.g., new currency control restrictions in Argentina, new requirements for companies relying on employee share plan exemption from prospectus requirements in Europe).  We will also look ahead to significant developments looming in 2020, most notably Brexit and its impact on share plan offerings in the United Kingdom.  Our presenter will provide tips on how to stay compliant in an ever-changing world and keep ahead of the curve.
Graciously hosted by Baker McKenzie LLP at their new offices in Century City, CA

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