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August 12th | L.A. Chapter Webinar with Experts from Aon and UBS | Using Equity Incentives to Retain Employees Critical to Your Business Strategy

August 12, 2020

11:00 AM Pacific

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Joanne Wendler, CEP
Amanda Benincasa (Aon Radford) & James Giannatassio (UBS) discuss the cost/benefit of equity awards to business-critical staff.

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Amanda Benincasa Arena is an Associate Partner and the East Coast Practice Leader with Aon Equity Services, the group within Aon Rewards Solutions that focuses on the entirety of the equity lifecycle.
Her background consists of performing valuation and technical accounting for equity compensation, including complex scenarios like global equity, employee stock purchase plans, M&A transactions, bankruptcies, modifications, SEC reporting, etc. She is a frequent industry speaker, addressing topics primarily related to equity valuation and financial reporting, and has written countless articles surrounding those topics. She serves on the Board of Directors of the NASPP Boston Chapter, and is a Certified Equity Professional through Santa Clara University.

James Giannattasio is a Strategic Relationship Manager in Workplace Wealth Services for UBS, with a background in both brokerage services and professional recruiting.

Event Details

Using Equity Incentives to Retain Employees Critical to Your Future Business Strategy

We all know equity compensation is an integral part of a well-balance compensation philosophy; however, the landscape has changed from equity being a “nice to have” to being a “need to have” within recruiting, retention, and performance. Whether it’s stock options, RSUs, PSUs, ESPPs, or any other acronym, the expectation of a competitor offer including one or more of these equity vehicles exists and is creating an even more competitive recruiting atmosphere. Join two extremely passionate equity experts for a discussion of the employee lifecycle and how it has become synced with the equity lifecycle, featuring a few anecdotal stories from issuers that have gone through this challenge.


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