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ESPP in a Time of Uncertainty & Philanthropy and Your Equity Programs

July 22, 2020

12:00 - 2:00 CST

A two-part Virtual meeting Sponsored by Fidelity

Event Details

The first session, ESPP in a Time of Uncertainty. The new decade ushers in a crisis with far reaching implications.  Even in times of uncertainty, the fundamental reasons that companies offer ESPP and the value they deliver to employees remains intact.  This session brings together common ESPP concerns during the COVID-19 crisis with Fidelity’s 2020 ESPP Data Analysis and 2020 research on selling behavior.  Join well-known ESPP aficionado, Emily Cervino-CEP,  from Fidelity Stock Plan Services for a deep dive into today’s ESPPs, what drives participation, and tips and tricks for making the most of your ESPP. 

Whether you are considering an ESPP, looking to benchmark your current ESPP, or hoping to get more out of your ESPP, this session is custom made for you and will leave you with the clearest ESPP vision.

The second session, Philanthropy and Your Equity Programs. Equity compensation such as RSUs, RSAs, and stock options can be valuable assets for individuals, but without proper planning they can result in significant tax implications. Fidelity's Ryan Boland will explain how stock plan recipients may need help identifying strategic planning solutions—such as charitable giving—to maximize tax benefits while enabling them to make a meaningful impact, especially during this unprecedented time.

Join our expert panel as we provide valuable insights, perspectives and solutions that can further help participants maximize their equity awards.

This two-part presentation qualifies for 2 CEP CE Credits

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