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Unleash your Hidden Super Powers - 6 Astounding Stock Plan Tricks

July 30, 2019

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Event Contact

John Barringer


1800 Wazee St
Denver CO 80202
Fidelity's Emily Cervino and Dan Kapinos of Aon's Equity Solutions team up to present this two-part, action packed session.

Speaker Information

Emily Cervino is the head of Fidelity Stock Plan Services' Industry Relationships and Thought Leadership. Emily drives connections with the stock plan industry and focuses on developing data-driven insights on equity compensation plan design, usage, and effectiveness based on quantitative and qualitative research to help plan sponsors make more informed decisions about their equity plans and processes. 

Emily has spearheaded work to develop deep understanding of Employee Stock Purchase Plans and the impact of design on participation, conducted analysis on the relationship between Performance Award payouts and corporate performance, and shared extensive data on employee selling behavior, participant perceptions, and participant communications and engagement.  

With over 20 years in the industry, Emily is recognized for deep knowledge of and enthusiasm for equity compensation. 

Dan Kapinos is a Partner and the Global Practice Leader for Aon’s Equity Solutions Team with over 10 years of experience in providing expertise, service and advice around equity compensation, including plan design considerations, performance metric selection and goal setting, reporting requirements under ASC Topic s718 and 805 and IRC 280G, corporate governance analytics, performance tracking and more. The team provides robust solutions to clients around all things equity including advanced communication and education offerings with PeerTracker and EquiTV.
Dan has a degree in statistics from the Pennsylvania State University.  He also maintains the Certified Equity Professional (CEP) designation through Santa Clara University and the Certified Executive Compensation Professional (CECP) designation through World@Work. 

Event Details

This super-charged session will examine six strategies to make your stock plan administration faster than a speeding deadline and able to leap communications hurdles in a single bound.  This session will make you a time-traveler by explaining how using prior day close can give you much needed time to process major events, like RSU settlements and ESPP purchases.  After this meeting, you can add "social media master" to your resume by showing you how to supercharge your communications with social media tricks.  You’ll learn how to magically shrink fair values with addition of holding periods.  The session will give you x-ray vision to see inside participants' heads to help you make more informed decisions about your stock plans. Finally, you can use a crystal ball to see the connections between design and participation in ESPP and the power that data analytics can bring to plan design.  You will leave feeling more powerful than a locomotive, with fresh ideas and ready to take on their next stock plan administration challenge.

This is a two hour presentation and qualifies for 2 hours of CEP continuing education credit for attendees who participate in both sessions. Lunch will be served at the end of the morning session.

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