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Denver: June 2019 Meeting

June 11, 2019

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Event Contact

John Barringer


Offices of PwC - Downtown Denver
1900 16th St Mall #1600
Denver CO 80202
Financial Wellness in the Workplace & Trends in Equity Compensation

Speaker Information

Jim Detterick, CRPS®, ARPC®
Managing Director
Stock Plan Director, Institutional Consulting Director & Corporate Client Group Director

Jim runs a large advisory group whose mandate is to deliver Institutional Wealth Advisory Services for mid- to large corporations. The team consists of professionals with various specialized backgrounds in the executive comp and benefits space, advising and managing corporate equity plans, Section 16 and Rule 144 affiliate programs, non-qualified deferred compensation plans, qualified retirement plans (both defined benefit plans and defined contribution plans) and corporate-sponsored financial planning mandates. Jim’s team has offices in New York, NY, Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX and Denver, CO and works with institutions located across the country. Jim consults to some of the largest corporate relationships within Morgan Stanley globally.

Brian McDonald
Managing Director
Morgan Stanley

Brian is the Head of Morgan Stanley at Work and Digital Solutions in Wealth Management. In this capacity, Brian leads the comprehensive suite of business to business solutions: Retirement, Financial Wellness and Shareworks by Morgan Stanley. Additionally, Brian oversees the Digital Solutions Group, including Morgan Stanley Online and mobile experiences that support advisors and clients in building lasting Morgan Stanley Wealth Management relationships.

Brian joined Morgan Stanley from Charles Schwab, where he held several senior roles over a 24-year career there. Most recently, Brian was the Head of Retail Service, Stock Plan Services and Designated Brokerage.

Pam Weems
Director, People & Organizations Practice

Pam works with clients in addressing a variety of compensation issues, ranging from accounting and tax compliance, to process efficiency and employee motivation and engagement. She particularly enjoys helping stakeholders throughout the organization collaborate on the ways that compensation touches their particular area of responsibility.

Event Details

Join us for a two-part educational session combining these two essentials of modern equity plan design.

Session One 11:00 - 12:00
Financial Wellness

These programs present a great opportunity for employers to invest in the well-being of their employees as many are financially stressed and that stress is affecting their productivity at work. Employees are looking to their employers to offer holistic solutions beyond retirement plans to achieve their financial goals, which can increase employee satisfaction and loyalty. 

This session will review key findings of survey conducted by the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) and sponsored by Morgan Stanley to understand employees’ financial needs, provide insight into what employees are looking for, and provide some actionable tips for creating and implementing a successful Financial Wellness program.

Session Two 12:30 - 1:30
Trends Update: Compensation in Deals

The year 2019 has been and promises to keep being a busy year for IPOs and acquisitions.  This in turn means 2019 will be a busy year for those who administer the stock compensation programs of these companies. This session will be particularly helpful for  plan sponsors going through either of these changes for the first time, and will also highlight recent trends of interest for even those who may have been through these transformations in the past. 

For private companies, equity compensation may not have existed or if it did, may looked very different prior to IPO than it will as a public company.  With the heightened scrutiny by employees and regulatory bodies alike, IPO represents the end of the "deferral" on any deferred housekeeping for equity compensation awards!  We will talk through several hot topics in participant, administrative, tax, accounting and controls issues related to stock compensation during the ramp up to going public.  

For companies undergoing a merger where the seller's stock compensation is exchanged for similar stock compensation at the buyer, keeping even "similar terms" before and after the transaction can create numerous complexities from administrative, tax and accounting perspectives. We will walk through a series of examples of these issues and their resolution, including easing participant stress regarding the uncertainty of their ongoing compensation, corporate tax impacts of executive compensation after tax reform, and recordkeeping for grants that are subject to escrow provisions included in the merger agreement.     



More Information

This meeting qualifies for 2 hours of CEP continuing education credit if both sessions are attended.

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