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Denver: May 2018 Luncheon Meeting

May 24, 2018

12:00 Noon

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John Barringer


PwC Offices - Union Station
1900 16th St. 16th Floor Training Room
Denver, CO 80202
Employee Analytics presented by PwC

Speaker Information

Robert Tate is a Managing Director with PwC focused on workforce and customer analytics and survey research. Leader with PwC’s workforce and customer survey research services helping executives make better decisions based on workforce and customer insights.
Pam Weems is a Director in PwC's People & Organizations practice who works with clients in addressing a variety of compensation issues, ranging from accounting and tax compliance, to process efficiency and employee motivation and engagement. Pam has recently co-authored an article on business tax credits available for certain employer-paid Family and Medical Leave

Event Details

Health care and other benefits costs are rising fast and there is a fierce battle to recruit and retain the top-performing employees. The perceived value of a compensation and benefits package is very significant to most. Is there a way to reconcile these two trends, keeping employees engaged while also holding the line on cost increases? 

Join Pam Weems and Robert Tate of PwC to discuss a compelling approach to assessing what the market is offering and what employees value as it relates to their total rewards.   We will discuss how this approach helps answer some very important questions such as:

Can I reduce costs without hurting employee satisfaction, engagement and retention?
What is the overall competiveness of the rewards we offer?
What rewards package best aligns with our Business Strategy?
What do our employees really want from their rewards?  Can we offer it?
How should we rebalance our resources to ensure we are spending our rewards budget efficiently?
What are the fiscal and human capital risks associated with different reward structures?.

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