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Connecticut: June 2021 Chapter Webinar

June 16, 2021

1:00PM ET - 2:30PM ET

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Joe Purdy, Chapter President
Join the Connecticut NASPP Chapter for our virtual meeting in June 2021!

Speaker Information

Carine Schneider | AST Private Company Solutions, Inc.
Carine Schneider, FGE is an experienced and well-connected leader in the private market and global compensation industry with deep experience working in consulting, technology & financial services. She is the President of AST Private Company Solutions, based in Menlo Park, California and serves as a member of the AST Private Company Solutions, Inc. Board of Directors. She was named one of the 100 Influential Women in Silicon Valley by the Silicon Valley Business Journal and one of 17 “Women to Watch” in 2017 by Brown Brothers Harriman Center on Women and Wealth.
Carine was formerly the President, NASDAQ Private Market Equity Solutions, responsible for worldwide sales, marketing and operations. She has held various leadership positions including CEO of Certent, founder and CEO of Global Shares, Partner at PwC and Nua Group, Director of Strategic Planning with Morgan Stanley and was the Leader of the Global Stock Plan Services at Towers Watson. She was the founder and CEO of WFFConnect, a mission-driven company that connects women founders with the investment community that was acquired by WorldWideWomen.  Carine served on the Board of Directors of both Certent and Global Shares.
In 1992, Carine was the founding Executive Director of the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals (NASPP).  In 1999, Ms. Schneider founded the Global Equity Organization (GEO) that now has over 6000+ members worldwide. After 18 years as Chair, Carine was recognized as Chair Emeritus. Carine was also a founding Board Member of the Santa Clara University CEP Program and served as Chair twice. Carine started her career as Manager of Shareholder Relations at Oracle Corporation where she assisted in the IPO and managed all aspects of the company's various stock plans.
Ms. Schneider was born in The Netherlands and speaks Dutch and English. She received her degree in Psychology & Sociology from the University of California. She is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world, including President Obama’s 2016 Global Entrepreneurial Summit, and has authored various articles and chapters in industry publications. She was invited to join the inaugural class of Fellow Global Equity (FGE) in 2019.

Zev Eigen | Syndio
Zev J. Eigen is the Founder and Chief Science Officer of Syndio Solutions--the world’s leader in Equity Tech, building best in class software applications solving modern organizations’ most pressing business problems, focused on fairness and eradicating pay gaps based on race and gender.
Dr. Eigen has been at the forefront of cutting edge HR technology for more than a decade. He combines his uniquely overlapping areas of expertise in labor economics and employment law with deep experience in data science, predictive modeling and economic sociological research. He has authored more than a dozen scholarly articles and books and is an internationally recognized expert in these fields appearing in the media frequently (Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, NPR, Bloomberg News, Reuters, Chicago Tribune, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc.), and is a frequent speaker on HR Tech and data science and law. Dr. Eigen is invited regularly to lecture and present his work at academic institutions and professional organizations globally.
Zev served as a full-time professor at Northwestern University School of Law (with an appointment at Kellogg School of Management). He was also the Irving S. Ribicoff Visiting Professor of Law at Yale Law School, and held a visiting professorship at NYU Law School, where he is a research fellow. Dr. Eigen served as Senior Counsel, Labor Relations with Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation in Los Angeles, California, and previously headed up the data science and analytics function for the world’s largest defense-side labor and employment law firm. He holds a PhD from MIT (’09), a JD from Cornell Law School (’99) and BS from Cornell University (’96).

Event Details

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Note: This event was rescheduled to a different date than originally posted.  It will now take on Wednesday, June 16, 2021; one day later than originally communicated. 

The Connecticut NASPP Chapter would like you to join us for our June 2021 Virtual Chapter Meeting.  AST will be hosting this meeting for us through their Zoom Account.  We encourage all attendees to join us on camera for a small networking session followed by a presentation.  We are honored to have two very knowledgeable speakers presenting including equity compensation industry veteran, Carine Schneider of AST Private Company Solutions, Inc.

A Conversation About Inequity in Equity:
Why you should care, how to know if you have a problem and what to do about it

Several high-profile companies have recently been in the headlines for various issues related to gender pay inequity issues. While companies at first were looking at base and bonus compensation, the inequity in stock-based compensation is beginning to take center stage. Join a conversation between Carine Schneider, President of AST Private Company Solutions (and former compensation consultant) and Zev Eigen, Founder and Chief Data Scientist at Syndio as they discuss important issues related to this topic. We encourage you to invite your compensation and legal colleagues to this discussion as Zev and Carine share case studies, recommendations and share tips on best practices. This is a topic you can’t ignore!

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