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Year-End Resources for Administrators and Participants

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November 21, 2019 | Jennifer Namazi

Year-End Resources for Administrators and Participants

With the end of the year approaching, it’s time for me to highlight some of the resources available to get you and your stock plan participants smoothly through year-end planning and processes.

For the Stock Plan Administrator

You’ll want to check out our upcoming NASPP webcast on 2019 Tax Reporting Essentials (December 6th from 4-6pm ET), which will include the following (and more):
  • What goes on the Form W-2?
  • When should you use a Form 1099?
  • What are the special reporting requirements for unusual situations, such as termination of employment, death and divorce?
  • What are the deadlines for reporting income and taxes withheld for 2019?
  • What’s needed for Section 6029 reporting, including paper and electronic filing requirements?
Our NASPP Research Center contains topic pages on both Tax Withholding and Reporting Procedures and Section 6039. Any new resources that are added as we approach year-end will be posted to the applicable topic page(s). NASPP members can subscribe to either (or both) of these topics using the orange toggle button on the page. When subscribed, new resources for the subscribed topic(s) will appear in your member dashboard.
For Stock Plan Participants has published “12 Ideas For 2019 Year-End Planning With Stock Compensation (Part 1).” This resource is oriented towards participants and key things to know about stock compensation and year-end. Highlights include in depth information on the following:
  • Understanding tax rates, trigger points, and any withholding shortfall
  • Considering the time value of tax money on an NQSO exercise and thinking about estimated taxes
  • Remembering the additional Medicare tax
  • Calculating the alternative minimum tax (AMT) when deciding when to exercise ISOs and NQSOs

Year-end can be a busy time for stock plan administrators. It’s not too early to explore available resources to make year-end processes and participant questions easier to manage.


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