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May 31, 2011 | Barbara Baksa

NASPP Conference Program

I'm excited to announce that the program for the NASPP Conference is now available--view the agenda or read the full Conference brochure (PDF). The proposals we received this year were by far the best I've ever seen--due, in part, to our new Proposal Assistance Program for Conference Exhibitors--and this is surely our best program ever. Check out the program today and register by June 24 for the early-bird discount--this deadline will not be extended.

SEC Chair to Present Keynote

SEC Chair Mary Schapiro will headline the Conference with a keynote presentation on November 2. We believe this will be the first time ever that an SEC Chair has made public remarks about executive compensation--it will be a landmark occasion.

Plenary Featuring Institutional Investors

After Schapiro's keynote, the plenary session on November 2 will feature institutional investors--AFL-CIO, T. Rowe Price Associates, Cap Re, BlackRock, CalSTRS. These are the folks that are voting on your (or your clients') Say-on-Pay and stock plan proposals. You're going to want to hear what they have to say.

"Must-See" Sessions

We have over 50 sessions planned for this year's event, and, frankly, I think they are all "must-see" sessions, but, since blog entries are supposed to be brief, I'll limit myself to highlighting just a few of the sessions I'm most excited about:

Check out the rest of the 50+ sessions and register by June 24 for the early-bird discount--this deadline will not be extended.

Another Chance to Qualify for Survey Results
Due to overwhelming demand, we have extended the deadline to participate in NASPP's 2011 Domestic Stock Plan Administration Survey (co-sponsored by Deloitte) to June 10.  Issuers must complete the survey to qualify to receive the full survey results. Register to complete the survey today--there won't be any more extensions!

NASPP "To Do" List
We have so much going on here at the NASPP that it can be hard to keep track of it all, so I keep an ongoing "to do" list for you here in my blog. 

- Barbara 

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