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Navigating Times of Chaos

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March 19, 2020 | Jennifer Namazi

Navigating Times of Chaos

To say that we are living in uncertain times is no understatement. The onset of COVID-19 in our communities means that we are juggling a new normal for the present. On a personal level, our priorities encompass staying healthy, juggling the needs of family, and assessing the impact on our own companies and jobs. On a broader level, we are watching chaos in the economy and financial markets as businesses across all industries face unprecedented struggles.

While the health of our families, friends, neighbors and employees is priority number one, many of us find ourselves needing to press on when it comes to work and that includes managing our stock plans. I’m guessing that many of you are getting anxious inquiries from stock plan participants – many of whom are seeing prospective gains wiped out in recent weeks.

In today’s blog, I want to focus on some of the resources that are available to you in navigating the stock plan aspects of the current chaos.   

Guiding Stock Plan Participants

While stock market declines and volatility are not new to the world of stock plans, the long-term impacts of COVID-19 on our economy, business and financial markets is still unknown. That can be scary, particularly for our stock plan participants. Bruce Brumburg of offers some resources to guide participants during this time of market uncertainty:
  1. Stomach Volatility In Your Company's Stock Without Losing Your Mind
  2. Preventing Irrational Decisions About Selling Company Stock Or Exercising Options
  3. 10 Ways Stock Compensation Can Make You Happier
  4.  Stockbrokers' Secrets: Equity Compensation Strategies For Volatile Markets 

Navigating Uncertainties Together

Next week, the NASPP will host a special webcast, COVID-19 Impact on Equity and Incentive Compensation, for all of our members. We understand there are many questions that have arisen out of the current situation. We’ve assembled an outstanding group of panelists who have quickly responded to the call to share and discuss thoughts on how we navigate many of the present uncertainties around equity plans. Find out how COVID-19 impacts arrangements such as Compensation Committee governance, performance metrics, modifications to existing and upcoming compensatory arrangements, potential accounting impacts, virtual shareholder meetings, share pool concerns, underwater options, unplanned (im)mobility and international filing challenges.

Please mark your calendar for Wednesday, March 25th from 3:00 pm – 4:00pm ET. Presenters will be: 
  • Anthony Eppert, Hunton Andrews Kurth
  • Denise Glagau, Baker McKenzie
  • Takis Makridis, Equity Methods
We will continue to share information and resources, as well as provide updates via this blog, our website, social media and email.

My thoughts are with you, your families, and organizations as we all focus on staying healthy during this challenging time.


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