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5 Quick Tips to Maximizing Your NASPP Website Experience

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March 13, 2018 | Jennifer Namazi

5 Quick Tips to Maximizing Your NASPP Website Experience

The NASPP recently launched our new website, and by now hopefully you've had a chance to spend some time online with us. Let's face it - we're all busy people. So, in today's blog I share 5 quick things you can do today to enhance your experience on the new website.

1. Visit your dashboard. This is the hub of everything personalized to you. If you want to subscribe to content, change your content or chapter preference or update your own contact details, this is the place for you. Once you set some initial preferences, you'll start to see personalized information appear in your dashboard. For example, if you subscribe to 5 different chapters you can see all upcoming chapter meetings for those chapters in one place! Tip: To get to your dashboard, click the "Visit Dashboard" link at the upper right side of the page. 

2. View the "All Events" calendar in the Community section of the site. This is a one stop for all NASPP events that are listed on the site. This includes webcasts and chapter events. Go to "Community > Events > All Events."

3. Complete your profile. This is a section within your dashboard (click "Edit Profile"). While your demographic details are already there, the profile has some questions about your equity plans and skills that will help members find other members with these skills or plan features. 

4. Upload your photo. Within your profile, there's an option to upload a photo. While this is optional, it definitely adds a personal touch to your contact details! Photos show up on the details page of your member directory listing. 

5. Tailor your subscriptions. Throughout the site you will see opportunities to get updates on content. For example, our podcast, webcast and topics within the Research Center. Take a few minutes to think about what really interests you, and then turn on those updates. (Tip: this can also be done from the "Edit Profile" section of your dashboard). We push new content on your subscribed topics to your dashboard, and for many of them will notify you by email about new updates. 

Bonus: Visit the page for your local chapter. Our chapter pages have undergone a complete upgrade. The chapter board will share a lot of information via the page, so check back often. (Tip: If you're subscribed to the chapter, you'll also get email updates about new events.)

We're excited about our new website and hope you are too! These tips can get you started - we'll continue to push out information on how to get the most our of your online experience. 


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