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March 29, 2016 | Jennifer Namazi

Global Grab Bag

As part of an ongoing effort to keep tabs on interesting developments or resources in the area of administering global stock plans, I round up a few of them in today's blog.

Switzerland in the House

Exciting news on the NASPP front. We've added a brand new Country Guide for Switzerland to our Global Stock Plans Portal. If you've got (or are considering) stock plan participants in Switzerland, be sure to check out this resource.

Justifying the Value of Stock Plans Globally

Forbes recently posted an article on their site titled "How to Justify the Value of Stock Options to International Employees." The post, written by the CEO and Founder of Trucker Path, offered an interesting question he uses to gauge whether additional education is needed on stock options when hiring prospect employees. In his own words,

"Another strategy I have found useful is to ask potential hires to rate their salary-to-stock option ratio expectations on a scale of one to five. “One” means they want a high salary compared to the stock amount, and “five” means they want the stock to carry the most weight.

If a prospective employee gives me a rating of “1″ or “2,” this indicates that either they need a better understanding of how stock options work (see above) or that they are not invested in the company."

For this particular company, one hiring consideration is whether the employee can see the long term vision of the company (and not just dollar signs). However, if they can see the vision, but still prefer a high salary compared to equity, then perhaps that's a flag that more education around equity may be useful in the hiring process. This is important, because oftentimes companies reserve that education until after an employee is hired. It certainly raises the question about the timing of education in the hiring process and whether sooner may be better in jurisdictions where equity isn't rampant among employers.

NASPP Global Portal

In the month of March alone, we've received alert-material for the following countries (all alert content is available in the NASPP's Global Stock Plans Portal): Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Romania, South Korea, and Vietnam. Alert content represents new developments in those areas, so if you have stock plan activity in any of those countries, be sure to check out the updates.


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