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COVID-19: Hot or Not?

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June 19, 2020 | Jennifer Namazi

COVID-19: Hot or Not?

We are months into the COVID-19 pandemic and the term "normal" is evolving with each passing day. As restrictions ease in some areas, it's still apparent that things won't be returning to normal anytime soon.

Feeling COVID Fatigue

I imagine many of us are feeling a little COVID fatigued at this point - tired of being homebound, weary of headline after headline about a virus that wasn't on our radar six months ago. And yet, we must stay focused because circumstances are continually in a state of change.

Some hard hit industries are moving employee statuses from that of temporary furlough to hard termination. Others are trying to conserve cash and are contemplating issuing additional equity awards to drive employee retention. New questions seem to surface weekly, if not daily, like "How are we going to determine the median employee for this year's CEO pay ratio calculation?" Or, "With so many employees in different "work from home" locations (which may be a different location than the home address on the books), how will mobility considerations be impacted?" This requires us to stay abreast of new developments and interpret what they mean to the company's equity plans and their participants, even if we are in a state of exhaustion. 

What COVID-19 Information do You Need Most?

Today's blog is simple - I just want your input!  With so much information out there, it can be hard to focus on what's really needed right now. Tell me your biggest questions and pain points. What topics are of most interest to you now? As we collectively continue to operate within a dynamic situation, your feedback will help us to bring only the most relevant information to the forefront. 

Please take a moment to answer the following question:

COVID-19: Hot or Not? What topics are most important to you right now?

Select all that apply: The poll is closed.
Domestic Mobility - working from home impacts
Global Mobility - working from home impacts
Employee communications about award impacts
Award modifications
Employee status changes (furlough, termination)
Global impacts of COVID-19 on equity plans
CEO pay ratio disclosure
Insider trading (concerns, 10b5-1 plans)
Working remotely (tips, guidance, skills)
Compliance considerations for teams working remotely
All of these
None of these


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