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Stock Plan Community: Forget Duplicating Yourself; Do This Instead

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July 19, 2021 | Jennifer Namazi

Stock Plan Community: Forget Duplicating Yourself; Do This Instead

Do you ever feel the need to duplicate yourself? Sometimes the days are long and so is the to-do list. While that can be true of any area of life, it surely applies to administering a stock plan. There are always more things to do.

What if there was just one resource that made things easier? Like that sample communication or a shortcut to solve a tricky withholding calculation? Not surprisingly, this is where community matters. Chances are, someone has faced the same issue and crafted a resource that you would love to use as a springboard for your own.

Perhaps you’re the one who has created that spot-on ESPP purchase checklist. It works so well for you, wouldn’t it be great if other stock plan professionals could benefit as well? Along those lines, did you just tackle a complex issue and find an excellent solution?

Maybe you are a consultant who has seen the same problem challenge many of your clients, only to implement a similar solution time and time again. Or, you could be in the business of providing guidance and have just done a deep dive into the newest proposed regulations. You've got a lot of interesting thoughts around these developments. 

All of the above are scenarios where community expertise and resource sharing is really valuable. If you have knowledge, share it!

The NASPP invites you to share your ideas, resources and insights with the broader stock plan community by becoming a content contributor. We have several opportunities for community oriented, creative, problem solving stock plan professionals and advisors:

  • Write a guest blog about a topic you know well or a problem you’ve solved

  • Share ideas as a guest on our Equity Expert podcast

  • Educate others by presenting a webinar

  • Contribute an article, sample document, checklist or other resource

It’s easy to share your brain and resource trust! Visit our Content Contributor page on the NASPP website to learn more about how to get started.

Learn More About Contributing Content

While contribution is an amazing path of sharing and caring about community, there are also huge personal benefits. All of our opportunities for content contribution offer the ability to streamline your own stock plan administration efforts, while growing your personal brand and network. A win-win for everyone!

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