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4 Tricks to Get Your Message Across to Employees

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July 03, 2018 | Barbara Baksa

4 Tricks to Get Your Message Across to Employees

When I logged into my Facebook account the other day, I saw a message from Facebook that proclaimed “Clickbait is not your friend.” And while that might be true for your Facebook account, it’s not necessarily true for your stock plan education program. Leveraging the strategies used to grab your attention on social media could really help you get your message across to employees when it comes to your stock plan.

Here are four strategies to try:

  1. Clickbait is your friend. There’s nothing like a catchy title to get someone to read an article or an email. Which would you be more likely to read: A) Year-end Tax Reporting for Equity Compensation Awards or B) Five Tax Mistakes to Avoid with Your Stock Awards?
  2. Listicle is a word. The term “listicle” refers to an article written in list a format. You see this a lot on LinkedIn. It offers the allure of bite-sized information that can be ingested quickly.  The lists are usually short (3 to 5 items). When employees see a title that promises “3 reasons you should enroll in the ESPP…” or “3 mistakes to avoid with stock options,” they are encouraged to take a quick scan through the article, rather than setting it aside to read later (because, let’s face it, “later” never comes around).
  3. Interactive learning is hot. Everyone has that friend who takes every quiz there is on Facebook. You’ve probably been tempted to take a quiz yourself (maybe you are that friend). People like to be engaged and involved in the learning process and, when they are, they retain more of what they’ve learned.
  4. Videos are hotter. Nobody wants to read anymore. Even stalwart publications like the New York Times are turning to video. If you aren’t leveraging video in your education program, your toolbox is short a key tool.

Today’s blog entry is just a snapshot of the topics Emily Cervino of Fidelity Stock Plan Services, Aftab Ibrahim of T-Mobile, and I will be covering in our session, “Everything I Need to Know about Stock Plan Communication I Learned from Social Media” at the 26th Annual NASPP Conference. There will be clickbait, listicles, interaction, some really great videos from T-Mobile, and a boatload of creative ideas to ramp up your education program. Don’t miss it!

- Barbara

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