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The Value of a Question

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January 24, 2019 | Jennifer Namazi

The Value of a Question

Calling all stock compensation trivia fans! Actually, calling all non-trivia fans as well. If you’re interested in keeping your equity compensation knowledge base current, then this blog is for you.

If you’ve been an NASPP member for a while, you may have participated at one time or another in our Question of the Week contest. With a weekly question designed to test and expand your stock compensation know-how, it’s been a popular feature among our members for years.

Our new website brought some changes to the format of Question of the Week, and I’m happy to report that weekly questions are back – available within the comfort of your own dashboard. If this sounds new to you, allow me to explain.

Each week we’ll post a new question on the NASPP website. Questions appear in your dashboard and cover a variety of stock compensation topics – ranging from compliance requirements to administrative procedures and more. If you find yourself stumped, know that the answers to all questions can be found within the resources readily available to members on our website. The idea here is to stay informed and expand your knowledge base.

Auto Reminders

Worried that you’ll forget to go look for a new question each week? Look below location of the weekly question and simply set the “Get Updates on Question of the Week in your Dashboard” to “ON.” Note that this also triggers an email that will be sent to you each time a new question is available.

As stock compensation professionals, we’re tasked with keeping ourselves informed about a myriad of topics. The Question of the Week is one meaningful way to aid in that effort, with a dash of trivia-like fun to keep things interesting.

There’s a new question available now, so be sure to check it out. Good luck!


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