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3 Tech Resources for Stock Administrators

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February 28, 2019 | Jennifer Namazi

3 Tech Resources for Stock Administrators

When I talk to stock plan administrators, I love hearing stories about how they “fell” into the role of stock administrator. Let’s face it – most of us came to this industry via some circular route, ultimately landing in a role that requires a lot of learning to figure things out. And once we’ve got the lay of the land, we know it takes a lot to stay informed. That said, I’m a fan of finding resources that simplify the learning curve and/or help us innovate. Luckily, for those who share the desire for resources – there are some great free tech tools available to stock administrators.

Stock Comp Glossary ( is a website oriented towards participant needs and questions. Their Stock Comp Glossary app (for Android or iOS devices) is available for free in Apple’s App Store and Google Play. While the app can benefit participants, it can also be a resource for the stock administrator who needs to understand an unfamiliar term. I would have loved to have access to an app like this in my early days as a stock administrator when I was struggling to understand all of the terminology thrown my way.

Global Equity Matrix (Baker & McKenzie): This Global Equity Matrix app summarizes some of the key issues that impact equity awards in 50 countries. Find out key considerations impacting different award types by jurisdiction. You can also compare jurisdictions. Available to iOS users only.

Google Forms: This is a new favorite tool of mine. Google Forms allows you to create quick, easy survey style forms. There are a myriad of uses - including sprucing up participant communications and/or meetings to make them more interactive. You can use the forms to collect feedback or even quiz participants. You will need a Google account to access Forms.

I’m on a quest to discover even more tech tools that will benefit stock administrators (to be covered in a future blog). If you have a favorite to share, please drop me a note!


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