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Global Mobility: A Deeper Dive into COVID-19 Impacts

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August 06, 2020 | Jennifer Namazi

Global Mobility: A Deeper Dive into COVID-19 Impacts

This week we’ve been covering global mobility situations that have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthering our exploration into this topic, the latest episode of our Equity Expert podcast series takes a deeper look at the unforeseen mobility conundrums resulting from the pandemic.

In the episode Global Mobility Situations Arising from COVID-19, I chat with Marlene Zobayan of Rutlen Associates about the unexpected – situations like employees being stranded away from their home area, those voluntarily choosing to work elsewhere, and new hire relocations being postponed. We delve into what companies should do and message to employees about these scenarios.
Some of the topics highlighted in this episode are:
  • What overall impacts has the COVID-19 pandemic had on mobility?
  • Three different mobility situations resulting from the pandemic
  • The challenges created by unforeseen mobility situations
  • Are there any exemptions for employees caught in these mobility situations? 
  • Have any U.S. states issued guidance? 
  • What should companies be doing about COVID-19 related mobility situations?
  • Messaging to employees about mobility impacts and considerations
  • Where does compassion for an employee's situation fit? 

Companies should implement a remote work policy

One key action item companies should take in the context of our new reality of remote work and mobility is the implementation (or update to an existing) remote work policy that addresses these scenarios and more.

For companies struggling with mobility concerns, I highly encourage a listen to this episode. Related to the episode is the guest blog by Marlene Zobayan, New COVID-19 Mobility Situations.

The Improved Equity Expert Podcast = Faster Access to Needed Stock Compensation Info

This is the perfect opportunity to highlight our new and improved podcast episode format. We’ve added additional information that helps you find what you are seeking quicker than ever. Our new "Episode Notes" section let you know exactly where in the podcast each segment can be found, so if you need an answer in a hurry, you can listen to just that segment.

In addition, our new “Resources Mentioned in this Episode” section gives you direct access to additional resources that are relevant and/or discussed during the episode. 

I'm personally inviting you to subscribe to the podcast (either via our website or the podcast app on your mobile device). Whether you are a podcast junkie, or have never listened to an episode, podcasts are easy to access (just click "play") and can provide a wealth of information in a format that is portable. I personally love to listen to podcasts while I'm cooking dinner or out for a walk. 

Our new format combined with a ramped-up schedule is taking the podcast to the next level. Our subscribers are the first to know about new episodes.

The stock plan community has experienced many curve balls over the years in the form of new regulations, seemingly impossible (at times) requirements, advancements in technology, diversified workforce locations and demographics, and even the completely unanticipated – like a global pandemic. Through it all, it has been our mission to serve this community and we will continue to bring relevant, timely, thought leadership and practical content to your office door – wherever that may be. Many thanks for supporting the NASPP and helping us to provide the best resources possible to our amazing industry.

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