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5 Things NOT to Miss at #NASPPVirtual

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August 27, 2020 | Jennifer Namazi

5 Things NOT to Miss at #NASPPVirtual

This year's annual conference, #NASPPVirtual (our first ever all-virtual!), is less than a week away. Whether you are a newbie to virtual events or a seasoned attendee, figuring out your must-do list ranks high in planning and influencing your conference experience. Today I offer 5 things you’ll want to make sure not to miss.

1. Making a Networking Match

This sounds like an obvious one, but a common myth about virtual events is that there won’t be networking options. I can assure you that #NASPPVirtual is abundant in opportunities to connect with others. This is a fundamental part of any conference, live or virtual. In fact, one benefit of virtual networking over that of a live conference is that it can be easier to find the people you aim to meet and make connections.

Tip: #NASPPVirtual has a networking tool built right into the conference platform. Go to “Networking” and enter details that matter to you (Looking to find someone with an ESPP? A peer who offers equity in a particular country?) You’ll be matched with those meeting your criteria and can connect with them directly.
Grip Events Networking Data:  70% of those logged in to the networking app say they made a connection they would not have made otherwise.

2. Taking a Tour of the Expo Hall

Conferences are about more than just education and networking with peers. Learning about the latest technology, services and resources to support your stock plan is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. The #NASPPVirtual Expo Hall is full of the best of what our industry has to offer when it comes to stock plan services.

Tip: One awesome benefit of a virtual expo hall is that you can easily filter for the type of provider you are seeking. Once you identify which providers interest you, visit their page to view their information and schedule an appointment.


3. Joining a Group Discussion

The most oft asked questions that come to my inbox usually start with ”Do you know of a company that…?” It’s not surprising, as companies are interested in connecting with peers to understand how they are tackling certain aspects of equity plan design or administration. Similarly, the opportunity to engage with an expert is also in high demand.

#NASPPVirtual is addressing these needs with two (2) group discussion opportunities.

The first discussion is Peer-to-Peer, where issuers can discuss and share ideas on the following topics (choose one of these sessions to attend):

Wednesday, September 2: 1:00 – 1:30pm EDT

  • Working from Home and Across Remote Teams

  • Participant Communications: Challenges and Successes

  • Managing Equity Plans During Economic Uncertainty

  • Managing Compliance for Mobile Employees

  • Planning for 2021: What Will Your Equity Programs Look Like?

  • Working With Your Payroll Team

The second discussion is Ask an Expert, where attendees can ask questions of an expert on the following topics (choose one session to attend):

Wednesday, September 9: 1:00 – 1:30pm EDT

  • Finding Your Voice in Equity Compensation

  • Tax Withholding and Reporting

  • Administering ESPPs

  • Insider Trading Compliance

  • Financial Reporting for Stock Compensation

  • The Evolution of Performance Awards

4. Attending ALL of the Sessions 

A virtual conference provides a unique opportunity – in that you can watch any or all sessions, and even binge watch them if you want. We’ve got an outstanding lineup of more than 100 speakers – covering a range of topics in formats from 5-minute microlearning sessions to 45 minute panel discussions (and others in between). Take full advantage of this opportunity to learn from ALL of them.
Tip: NASPP Virtual runs September 1-10th, but all sessions will be available on demand through the end of September. Browse the conference agenda to identify all the sessions you can’t-miss, and then block time on your calendar to attend or access them. 

5. The Fun Stuff!

What would a conference be without doses of fun? We’ve got a range of activities and extras to enjoy – chair yoga, guided meditation, and keynotes with amazing stories that are sure to inspire. Make sure your conference plan has got these covered!

I’m bursting with excitement about #NASPPVirtual. It will be a stellar event and taking full advantage of all the opportunities provided will only enhance your experience. See you online!

About #NASPPVirtual

With 60+ sessions across stock plan domains, exciting keynotes, and plenty of networking and interactive opportunities, #NASPPVirtual is the must-attend equity event of the year. No need for FOMO (fear of missing out) over a session - a huge perk this year is that all sessions will be available on-demand through the end of September. You can attend the entire conference (binge watch in your pajamas if you want) or pick and choose what works best for you.

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