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Pay Equity and New Hire Stock Grants

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August 14, 2019 | Tauseef Rahman, Mercer

Pay Equity and New Hire Stock Grants

Our popular “Meet the Speaker” series, featuring interviews with speakers at the 27th Annual NASPP Conference, is a great way to get to know our many distinguished speakers and find out more about their sessions in advance of the Conference.

For today’s “Meet the Speaker” interview, we feature an interview with Tauseef Rahman of Mercer, who will lead the session “Pay Equity and New Hire Stock Grants.”  Here is what Tauseef had to say:

NASPP: What is the elevator pitch for your topic?

Tauseef:  The elevator pitch is: Do you know if your stock awards are causing long-term pay equity issues?  While base salary and bonus target ranges may be more standardized by level, equity awards for new hires can sometimes be highly discretionary, and in certain industries, sizable. Therefore, it's critical to understand how to assess and mitigate risk in stock award practices.

NASPP: What is one best practice companies should implement in the area of pay equity?

Tauseef: It is a best practice to regularly conduct robust statistical analyses to analyze pay equity, and look at the role stock awards play in explaining any pay gaps. More importantly, companies should identify the ways in which pay inequities get created and address those issues accordingly. In today's data-driven environment, there is no excuse for a large company not to run statistical models.

NASPP: What is the silver lining to stock awards and pay equity?

Tauseef: The silver lining is that there are solid methodologies in place to understand the role stock awards play in driving inequities. In the presentation, I'll share some of the approaches used. For those organizations serious about ensuring pay equity and making sure that the use of stock awards is fair and strategic, there are ways to do it.

NASPP: What was the path you took that led you to the field of stock compensation?

Tauseef:  I studied human capital economics in college, specifically the impact of macroeconomic and microeconomic conditions that led to growth. At a macro level, the focus was on things like education levels of a population or the growth rate of that population. At a micro level, the focus was on a company's management of its labor relative to capital. Analyzing how that labor was managed and compensated led me to want to understand the role various forms of compensation play, including stock compensation.

Don’t miss Tauseef’s session, “Pay Equity and New Hire Stock Grants,” at the NASPP Conference!

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