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Emerging Equity Plan Trends

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Emerging Equity Plan Trends

Our popular “Meet the Speaker” series, featuring interviews with speakers at the 27th Annual NASPP Conference, is a great way to get to know our many distinguished speakers and find out more about their sessions in advance of the Conference.

For today’s “Meet the Speaker” interview, we feature an interview with Leah Dela Cruz of ISS Corporate Solutions, who will lead the Power Session “Emerging Equity Plan Trends.”  Here is what Leah had to say:

NASPP: What is the elevator pitch for your session?

Leah:  My session will help attendees understand the current trends around equity compensation plans and will provide insights into leading practices in different industries. Most importantly, it will help them understand the potential drivers of shareholder opposition in equity plan proposals.

NASPP: What should companies who will need to submit a plan for shareholder approval in 2020 be doing to prepare?

Leah: If you’re planning to submit an equity plan proposal for the 2020 meeting, review the provisions of your equity plan as well as your current practices, understand your investors' voting guidelines and identify the factors that will prevent you from getting your investors' support. Of course, try to plan as early as possible!

NASPP: When it comes to your topic, what is the worst that can happen?

Leah: Personally, I don’t think there’s a downside in spending 25 minutes of your time learning the different trends around equity compensation plans. Maybe the worst thing that can happen is after the session you will realize that your practices are not in line with the market, but still, I think that’s an upside because you’ll be able to plan accordingly, right?

NASPP: What was the path you took that led you to the field of stock compensation?

Leah:  This may sound cliché but honestly, I think destiny brought me to this field. I started my career with ISS in different roles that had nothing to do with proxy voting. One day, when my former team was absorbed by ISS Corporate Solutions, I just found myself transitioned to a role that helps corporate issuers understand the ISS’s policies and eliminate potential issues which concern shareholders in areas of executive compensation and corporate governance, and the rest is history!

Don’t miss Leah’s session, “Emerging Equity Plan Trends,” at the NASPP Conference!

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