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4 Tips for Attracting Top Talent

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4 Tips for Attracting Top Talent

Four Tips for Attracting Top Talent

When labor markets are tight, companies are forced to look deeper than competitive compensation packages, company sponsored coffee breaks, and unlimited paid time off to attract top talent. As discerning “A” players consider their next job move, they are going beyond the usual job search requirements and raising the bar for what they expect from an employer when it comes to the ‘intangible” things.  If your company is already doing these four things, you may be well on your way to attracting the most sought after talent.

Intentionally Guide Company Culture

Businesses today can no longer afford to ignore the question of company culture. Indeed, many of the most talented members of the workforce are opting to take lower paying jobs with companies whose company culture encourages work life balance, supports professional growth, and focuses on employee engagement.  With working hours taking up more and more of an individual’s time, those who can pick and choose when it comes to their next employment opportunity are looking for a sense of belonging and strong connection to a company’s core values and mission.

“A” players will want to know more about your company’s culture and values in the interview process and those companies that make culture a point of pride will have a distinct advantage over those that do not.

Engage Team Around a Common Purpose

“A” players are hungry to make a contribution to your organization. They want to see the correlation between the work they do and the impact it makes on the success of the company.  Strong leadership that paints a vision of where the company is heading and encourages team members to bring their unique ideas, talents, and strengths to bear on a collective goal or challenge has a great chance of winning that sought after candidate.  The more profound and inspiring the goal, the better.

Expect “A” players to inquire about vision and purpose and how they, with their specific skills and experiences, can contribute to the growth and future of your company. Consider encouraging “A” players to aim toward creating a legacy with in your organization that aligns their passions with company goals.  Those companies that have a robust program for engaging employees around common goals will benefit in attracting and retaining top talent.

Support Individuals in Pursuing Their Passions

Living as we do within a national culture of “living to work,” employees tend to accept the idea that their family, friends, and personal interests ought to take a back seat to the needs or demands of their employer. Given this reality, companies that find a way to engage employees’ passions have a much greater chance of attracting and retaining “A” players who can select between many high-paying job opportunities.

If in the interview process, you inquire about candidates passions and brainstorm together on ways that you and your company can support them in pursuing their passions through the job and/or because of work life balance initiatives, you will have a better chance of standing out from the rest.

Build Deep Relationships with Employees and Engage Them in Your Recruiting Process

All of the work you do to build a positive and engaging company culture that encourages employees to make contributions towards achieving common goals while pursuing their passions also can pay off nice dividends when it comes to attracting “A” players. Your current “A” players can be a fantastic source of support for your recruiting process.  From offering a referral bonus to your employee base, to engaging them in rating your company on Glassdoor, to including employees in your interview process, your top talent is a great resource to tap into for building your team.  Plus, with their support in the process, you build engagement and facilitate employees to make a significant contribution to your company by helping you to attract, interview, and select the best of the best who will fit in well with your existing team.

The deep connections you have with your existing team and the enthusiasm that engagement creates will be seen, heard, and felt by your sought after candidates if you invite your team to be a part of your recruiting efforts.

Good luck in your quest to hire the best and brightest. The talent is out there and the opportunity has never been greater to cultivate the kind of employment experience that brings out the best in your team and aligns their passions with purpose in support of achieving remarkable results for your company.

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