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Welcome to the brand new NASPP website! Based upon member feedback and modern design, we have redefined the online NASPP experience. Watch our highlight video for an overview of all the exciting new features, and review our many other resources posted here to help you make the most of the new!

Here are a few of the great features of the new website, now with a mobile-responsive design so that you can enjoy on any device:
  • Dynamic Home Page: The new home page showcases the latest news, content, and offers available for your professional development needs.
  • Research Center with Advanced Search: The heart of the website is the new Research Center, home to in-depth articles, surveys, and other resources organized by topics and easily searchable. Search by keyword, topic, and document type.
  • Personalized Experience and Dashboard: Customize your experience by subscribing to Research Center topics and subtopics, the NASPP blog, events, discussion forums, and other alerts. New content to which you are subscribed will appear in the brand new Member Dashboard and email alerts. Your dashboard is all about you! 
  • More Robust Member Profiles and Directory: We’ve expanded the member profile to include more information about you: your background, skills, job responsibilities, the types of stock plans and awards you work with, countries your employees are located in, and more - making it easier to network and connect with other members. 
  • Enhanced Chapter Pages: New chapter pages put the information you are most interested in front and center.  Upcoming events appear at the top of the page and chapters can post messages about important chapter news.
  • Improved Q&A Discussion Forum: Discussion forum questions can now be tagged by topic and award type to make searching easier. In addition, you can “like” responses you find most helpful, and subscribe to discussions that interest you.

Content Map - Where All Your Favorites Are on the New

Below is quick cross reference explaining where you can find your favorite areas of the old NASPP website on the new.

Frequently-Used Resources

  • The NASPP portals have been incorporated into the new Research Center, which is comprised of nine main topics area. Each main topic is divided into many subtopics, making it easy to narrow down to the specific subject you are interested in.
Global Stock Plans Portal
The Global Stock Plans Portal is now part of the Research Center
  • Research Center Menu, click the Countries submenu, then click Global Stock Plans Page button. 
To find a specific country page:
  • Research Center Menu, click the Countries submenu, then navigate by continent and country
  • Research Center Menu, click the Countries submenu, then click the All Countries button
The NASPP Blog
  • New blog entries appear on the home page (click View All button for all entries) 
  • NASPP Voice menu, choose NASPP Blog
NASPP Webcasts
  • The next upcoming webcast appears on the home page (click View All button for the webcast archive)
  • Educational Programs menu, choose NASPP Webcasts
Note:  If no upcoming webcasts are currently scheduled, the most recent webcast appears on the home page. Only webcasts recorded in 2010 or later have been ported over to the new website.

Equity Expert Podcasts
  • The most recent Equity Expert podcast appears on the NASPP home page.  Click the View All button to view the full podcast archive.
  • Educational Programs menu, choose Equity Expert Podcast
NASPP Surveys
  • The NASPP surveys are located in the appropriate topic areas in the Research Center.  For example, for the most recent quick survey on the CEO Pay Ratio, go to the Proxy Reporting topic and the CEO Pay Ratio subtopic. 
  • Note that we are still porting over older surveys from the old NASPP website and only surveys from 2010 and later will be transferred to the new website. If you can’t find the survey you are looking for, email us at and we’ll be happy to find it for you.
Q&A Discussion Forum
  • Community menu, choose Q&A Discussion Forum

Chapter Information

Chapter Pages
  • Community menu, choose Chapters.
Upcoming Chapter Meetings
You can find upcoming chapter meetings in several different places on the new website:
  • The NASPP home page, under “Upcoming Events.”
  • Each chapter page. Community menu, click Chapters, then choose the region and chapter.
  • Upcoming events for the chapters you are subscribed to appear on your Dashboard.
  • On the All Events page. Community menu, choose Events, then click the All Events button.
Chapter Mailing List Preferences
  • You can subscribe or unsubscribe from chapter mailings lists through your Dashboard.
  • You can also subscribe and unsubscribe to a chapter’s mailing list on the chapter page.
  • Nonmembers can sign up for chapter emails from each chapter’s page.
Chapter Administration
  • If you are authorized to administer a chapter page, you can access the administration tools through your dashboard.
  • You can also access the administration tools by navigating to the page you want to update and clicking the Edit button in the upper left corner of the page (only members authorized to update the chapter page can see this button).

Other Tools and Resources

Member Directory
  • Community menu, choose Member Directory
NASPP Question of the Week
  • The Question of the Week appears in your Dashboard
Document Library
  • Materials in the document library are not located in the Research Center, under the appropriate topic area.  Note that generally documents older than 2010 were not transferred to the new website.
Stock Plan Advisor
  • The NASPP Advisor is located under The NASPP Voice menu.  Note that issues earlier than 2015 were not transferred to the new website.
Career Center
  • The Career Center is now one of our top-level menus on the website
Job Board
  • Career Center menu, choose Job Board.
NASPP University Courses
  • Educational Programs menu, choose NASPP University

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