NASPP Chapter Excellence Awards

Chapters that have excelled in promoting the mission of the NASPP over the past year will be selected for recognition at the NASPP Annual Conference.  There is no limit on the number of chapters that can receive excellence awards or the number of times a chapter can be recognized.


Chapters are selected for excellence awards based on:

  • The number and quality of meetings the chapter has held.  Awards will generally only be issued to chapters that have held at least five meetings prior to the Annual Conference.  Joint meetings with other chapters or organizations and meetings where the only topic is an NASPP,,,, or webcast do not count towards this requirement.
  • How well the chapter promotes its activities.  Chapter meetings should be posted to the chapter page on the NASPP website and meeting announcements should be distributed to chapter members in advance of each meeting (preferably using the broadcast email tool available in the Chapter Presidents Resource Center). 
  • The chapterís leadership infrastructure.  The NASPP recommends that every chapter have a board consisting of at least two members in addition to the president; many chapters also find that it is helpful to institute a program director and committee. 
  • The number of new and continuing NASPP members in the chapter and how well the chapter represents and promotes the NASPP to its members.
  • Providing general leadership within the profession.
  • Other significant chapter activities, such as unique or innovative events, membership drives, etc.
  • How well the chapter fulfills minimum expectations, including, but not limited to, maintaining a bank account; submitting financial information on time; and maintaining appropriate records of elections, board meetings, and chapter meetings.


Chapters that qualify for excellence awards receive:

  • Recognition during the NASPP Annual Conference.  This includes a formal presentation and badge ribbons that will be distributed to all chapter officers and contributors.
  • Recognition in The NASPP Advisor.
  • Recognition on