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January 4, 2018

Another Year, Another Winner

Happy New Year! It’s that time of the (new) year again where we offer up congrats for our annual Question of the Week contest. 

Question of the Week Winner!

The winner is of our 2017 Question of the Week contest is (drum roll!): Sunny Days (who, by the way, tied for 2nd in our 2016 contest). For those of you who are asking “What’s the Question of the Week Contest?“, it’s a weekly quiz challenge designed for stock plan professionals to test their know-how in a variety of areas, while competing against their peers. Hone your equity compensation knowledge while having fun at the same time! There’s a new question each week, and a correct answer earns points.

And the Winners Are…

The screen names of the top 5 scorers for the 2017 contest are:

  • 1st – Sunny Days 390 ( points)
  • 2nd – DMekwunye (380 points – tie with IheartESPP; this contestant was also the winner of the prior year’s contest)
  • 2nd – IheartESPP (380 points – tie with DMekwunye)
  • 4th – edodge (370 points – tie with Will Give It A Go)
  • 4th – Will Give It A Go (370 points – tie with edodge)


Congratulations to our top scorers!

What’s in a Name?

In our current game, your play is tracked by your screen name – so you can be as anonymous or transparent in your game playing as you like. It’s become an annual tradition for me to highlight some of the fun, intriguing and perplexing screen names each year. In 2017, once again the contestants expressed great variety in selecting their game names – with  “equity” oriented and technical names (Equity Guy, Stock Plan Warrior, Bifurcation) to the mythical (War Eagle (is that considered mythical?)) to the humble (Humble Pie, Lucky13) to the optimistic (Its_a_new_year!) and those who are new to the game or industry (new at equity, giveitatry, Equity Newbie). Finally there were a few that would probably require a happy hour and some time to explain (coco13bongo, The Shadow Knows, RU Crazy, BlackSwan, Building Chops).

Work Hard, Play Hard

We’ve just reset scores and this week’s challenge starts a whole new contest, so this is the perfect time for NASPP members to sign up, create your screen alias and jump into the Question of the Week Contest. We leave all of January’s questions active for the entire month, so you have plenty of time to complete the first quizzes of the new game.

I wish you all a fantastic year!