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August 30, 2017

Euros, Yens & Pesos

Our popular “Meet the Speaker” series, featuring interviews with speakers at the 25th Annual NASPP Conference, is a great way to get to know our many distinguished speakers and find out a little more about their sessions in advance of the Conference.

For today’s “Meet the Speaker” interview, we feature an interview with Madori Playford of Stock & Option Solutions, who will lead the session “Euros, Yens & Pesos: Managing Foreign Exchange Ratios, Controls, and Employee Issues.”  Here is what Madori had to say:

NASPP: Why do you feel strongly about your topic?

Madori: I feel strongly because currency from a global perspective is full of land mines.  It affects the company and the employees especially when converting foreign currency to US dollars.  Depending upon whether the dollar is strong, either the company or the employee is going to benefit, but not both.  Exchange control issues can impact a companies ability to offer its ESPP or awards to employees, resulting in a group of employees that feel slighted because they don’t get the same thing as employees in other locations.  Working with multiple currencies adds work to many other departments besides stock, it affects finance, accounting, tax in addition to stock plan administration.

NASPP: What is one best practice companies should implement?

Madori: Before offering equity to employees in a new country find out what, if any, exchange control issues or regulation that country has.  It can save time and potential pain later.

NASPP: What is the silver lining to currency ratios?

Madori: Knowledge is power; by learning as much as possible about each country’s currency regulations, you can provide the best types of equity for those employees.  Or if you determine you can’t offer equity, you will have the knowledge to explain why to those employees.

NASPP: What is your favorite restaurant or tourist attraction in DC?

Madori: The Museum of Natural History—I could spend days in there looking at everything.

Don’t miss Madori’s session, “Euros, Yens & Pesos: Managing Foreign Exchange Ratios, Controls, and Employee Issues,” at the NASPP Conference!

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