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October 27, 2016

More Scenes from Houston

For today’s blog entry, I have a few more scenes from the 24th Annual NASPP Conference here in Houston.

nasppweb-0702Terry Adamson of Aon Hewitt explains what post-vesting holding periods can do for your company in the Presentation Arena.  The Arena featured fast-paced talks on current hot topics in 20 minutes of less.  It was conferencing for people with short attention spans.

nasppweb-0823The NASPP Conference is all about making connections.

nasppweb-0992Ellie Kehmeier of Steele Consulting and Danielle Benderly of Perkins Coie are excited to have a chance to chat with Senator Wendy Davis, who presented a thought-provoking and very well-received keynote on Tuesday morning.

nasppweb-0997Attendees get advice from an expert. The Ask the Experts booth is a great way to get answers to your questions.

paEveryone loves a great session! Attendees listen intently to a panel and quietly discuss how the information presented applies to their company.

Check out the pics from yesterday.

– Barbara