Announcing the latest program in the NASPP's new "Ask the Experts" premier webcast series. . .

Ask the Experts: Tax Reporting for Stock Compensation

We answer your questions on what, where, and when stock compensation needs to be reported for U.S. tax purposes!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

4:00 – 6:00 pm, eastern time [archive and transcript to follow]

Webcast Materials

Questions Posed for the Webcast

As evidenced by the constant flurry of questions posted in the NASPP Q&A Discussion Forum, year-end tax reporting continues to be an area of complexity and confusion for our members. Further, with the final regulations under Section 6039 in place, understanding what information must be reported on the returns companies have to file with the IRS, how to file these forms and what must be provided to employees on the corresponding information statements can no longer be ignored. To address these matters, we are pleased to bring back our annual "Ask the Experts" webcast in which our panel of experts will cover everything you need to know to fulfill U.S. tax reporting requirements for all forms of stock compensation. (The deadline to submit questions for this webcast was November 24. Because our panelists need time to prepare their responses, we cannot accept any additional questions at this time.)

Featured panelists:

  • Barbara Baksa, Executive Director, NASPP
  • Robyn Shutak, Education Director, NASPP
  • Elizabeth Dodge, Vice President, Product Management, Stock & Option Solutions
  • Carrie Kovac, Senior Manager, Finance, Symantec Corporation

Among many other topics, this webcast will cover:

  • How to report stock compensation on Form W-2 and Form 1099.
  • Section 6039 reporting requirements, including a review of the various IRS forms necessary to comply with this reporting obligation, along with procedures for filing the returns with the IRS and distributing corresponding statements to employees.
  • Special reporting requirements that apply in out-of-the-ordinary situations, such as termination of employment, death, and divorce.
  • Tracking ISO and ESPP disqualifying and qualifying dispositions.
  • Answers to the questions you submit in advance.

About the "Ask the Experts" Webcast Series: This series of webcasts is designed to enable NASPP members to have their questions on stock compensation answered directly by experienced industry practitioners. Each quarter we feature a webcast on a new topic with a new panel of experts. NASPP members can submit their questions to the program in advance and our expert panelists will address them during the session.

How to access the webcast: Visit on the day of the program and click the link for the webcast. You need either Real Player or Windows Media to listen to the webcast. An audio archive and transcript of the webcast will be posted after the live program.

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If you can’t access the live program:  If you have a scheduling conflict or have problems accessing webcasts generally (due to firewalls, etc.), an audio archive will be posted immediately following the conclusion of the live program and a text transcript will be posted within two weeks.