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Date and Time:12/10/2014 8:30 AM
Event:December Philadelphia NASPP Chapter Meeting
Topic:MOBILITY: Taxability, Traceability, Payroll-ability, Survivability
Location:Deloitte Tax LLP, 1700 Market Street, Philadelphia, 19103
Contact:Joel Joseph
Contact Phone:+1(215) 255-1832

An area which continues to come under increasing scrutiny is mobile employees participating in employer equity plans. Despite the ever increasing scrutiny, many companies are still struggling with not only identifying mobile employees but in tacking how to balance the increasingly complex rules on withholding and reporting and the administrative burdens placed on companies.

In this session, Deloitte will lead a discussion on the issues companies face with respect to US domestic and globally mobile employee equity holders. We will explore the technical issues around mobile employees, in addition to providing practical insight into the approaches we see companies adopting. Key discussion topics will include:

•        Who/what is a mobile employee? Identifying and tracking the population.

•        Tax rules around sourcing of income for mobile employees.

•        Employer withholding and reporting obligations.

•        Current regulatory landscape.

•        Practical approaches to risk management.

Join Peter Simeonidis, Principal, and Megan Cuccia, Consultant, from Deloitte as they discuss mobility.

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Continuing Education Credits: 1.5 CEP (Taxation)