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Date and Time:9/14/2016 12:00-1:30pm
Event:Las Vegas NASPP Chapter Meeting and Luncheon
Topic:Simple But Complex ASC Topic 718 Updates (aka ASU 2016-09)
Location:Capital Grille @ Fashion Show Mall, 3200 Las Vegas Blvd South
Contact:Robert Slaughter
Contact Phone:480-290-1278

Join Raul Fajardo of Certent and Ken Stoler of PWC for a discussion of the recently finalized ASU 2016-09, updates to ASC Topic 718.

Our panel will discuss key provisions of the ASU, including:

    - Tax Accounting: Requires companies to account for all excess tax benefits and shortfalls from stock plan transactions in earnings (rather than in equity, as previously required) and requires cash flow from excess tax benefits to be reported as an operating activity.

    - Forfeitures: Allows companies to make a policy election to account for forfeitures as they occur.

    - Share Withholding: Expands the exception to liability treatment provided for share withholding to allow shares to be withheld to cover tax payments up to the maximum individual tax rate in the applicable tax jurisdiction. Also requires cash outflow from share withholding to be reported as a financing activity

We will also touch on possible early adoption of the standard and transition methods.



Ken Stoler, Partner PricewaterhouseCoopers

As the leader of PwC’s HR Accounting Advisory practice, Ken works with companies to address one of their most critical and fundamental concerns - how should we compensate our employees and executives? Ken specializes in financial reporting and plan design issues related to equity compensation arrangements, retirement and healthcare plans, and other benefits. Ever curious, Ken thrives on the excitement of new and unique challenges. Helping companies navigate their employee issues during an IPO, spin off, acquisition, or other major transaction or event is a perfect fit.


Raul Fajardo, Customer Support Manager at Certent, Inc.

Raul Fajardo is the Level 3 Support Manager for Certent, Inc. supporting over 1,300 corporate clients on Certent's Equity Management and Disclosure Management systems. His teams provide a wide range of support ranging from 10K/10Q filings to providing equity compensation expertise on ASC 718, ESPP processing, Section 16, and more. Raul has more than twenty years of experience in equity compensation. He speaks at various equity compensation conferences on topics such as valuation, accounting, forecasting, tax accounting, and mergers and acquisitions. Prior to joining Certent, Inc., Raul was a Finance Manager for Qualcomm, where he was responsible for the financial reporting of Qualcomm's equity compensation programs, including performance-based plans, restricted stock, stock options, and ESPP. Raul is a Certified Equity Professional.

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