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Date and Time:6/16/2016 11:30 am
Event:San Fernando Valley NASPP Chapter Lunch Meeting
Topic:Title: RSU Release Prep: It’s All About Your Checklist
Location:The Cheesecake Factory, 26901 Malibu Hills Road, Calabasas Hills, CA 91301
Contact:Jeff Peak
Contact Phone:800-665-6085

Session Description

"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail."-John Wooden, legendary UCLA basketball coach

Grant Acceptance. Elections. Broker Accounts. Retirement Eligibility. Tax set-ups. Performance Goals. International. Terminations. Mobility. Deferrals. RSU Release Prep is all about the details. Tracking them is nerve-wracking. And the stakes are high. One misstep can damage your reputation. A tiny error can morph into a serious liability. As a Release Date approaches many stock plan administrators experience a dark foreboding, and a sense of isolation, disorientation and helplessness. Some show signs of schizophrenia and hear voices.

A good checklist is better than prescription meds. Brain surgeons and airline pilots use checklists; laws mandate they do so, even for the most routine procedures. The risk of missing a step is too high. The same goes for RSU Releases; a well-structured RSU Release Prep Checklist will ensure that you never miss a step either.

RSU Release Prep - It's All About Your Checklist, will demonstrate how to use your equity plan software provider's Pre-Release Report as a companion piece to sample RSU Release Prep Checklists.



Dan Shickler

Dan is an Equity Compensation Consultant at Silicon Valley-based Stock and Option Solutions. In NYC Dan worked in Corporate Reorg through the M & A boom in the 80s, "right-sized" countless corporate trust operations as a management consultant in the 90s and has been involved in various capacities with Equity Comp since.

Carolyn Fox

Carolyn is the Stock Administrator for Los Angeles headquartered Riot Games, Inc.  Carolyn has been in the equity administration business since 2000 and has worked with both private and public companies in various capacities within equity compensation.

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