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Date and Time:12/15/2016 10:00AM - 12:30PM EST
Event:December 2016 Chapter Meeting: ASU 2016-09 Updates to ASC 718 and Pay Ratio Disclosures
Topic:Are you Feeling Crazy Yet? The Ever Changing Environment Thanks to Regulatory Updates
Location:1600 Summer Street, Stamford, CT
Contact:Joseph Purdy, Solium
Contact Phone:203.447.5843

To Register:

Our December 2016 Meeting will start with an educational presentation from Aon Equity Services followed by Lunch. 

Date:  Thursday, December 15, 2016
Time:  10:00AM - 12:30PM EST
Where: 1600 Summer Street, Stamford, CT
Cost:  Free!!

Speakers:  Daniel A. Kapinos and Kate Hall, Aon Equity Services

Join our speakers as we discuss the details of three big regulatory updates making their presence known in 2017. First up, we will discuss the accounting guidance changes in ASU 2016-09 and what companies in the marketplace are doing in response, especially since the rules must be adopted in Q1 2017! Shifting gears to the SEC, we will also discuss the proposed pay-versus-performance disclosure requirements under the Dodd-Frank Act that will require companies to disclose CEO and Named Executive Officer pay compared to relative Total Shareholder Return (TSR) performance, with a narrative on the relationship. Although the new disclosure rules are not final, there are some key differences from other disclosure requirements, such as the Summary Compensation Table and how TSR is calculated. Finally, we will go over the Pay Ratio disclosure, challenges that come with it, and how likely it is to stick under the new President’s administration.

View the linked event flyer below for more details and to register!  

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Continuing Education Credits: 1 CEP (Accounting)
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