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Date and Time:5/31/2017 11:30AM-1:00PM
Event:Los Angeles Chapter Luncheon Meeting - Equity Plan Design Enhancements and Best Practices with Equity Methods
Topic:Equity Plan Design Enhancements and Best Practices with Josh Schaeffer, Ph.D., Director; and Fan Wang, MS, Valuation Consultant; both of Equity Methods. In 2017, the world of equity stock awards continues to change Enhancements and increases in the use of hybrid awards as well as the evolution of ESPPs have made for an infinitely more complex granting environment. We’ll discuss continuing changes in the marketplace, best practices in goal setting, changes in ISS’s assessment of pay-for-performance and how to manage them, forecasting of stock compensation expense in a world without an APIC pool, how to work through the looming reporting of the CEO pay ratio while managing the work that needs to be done.
Location:Offices of Leaf Group Ltd., 1655 26th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404. Parking and beverages graciously provided by Leaf Group.
Contact:Joanne Wendler, CEP
Contact Phone:626-470-2514

Josh Schaeffer leads the complex securities valuation practice for Equity Methods. Drawing from deep experience in valuation of a wide range of financial instruments, Josh is committed to provide valuation solutions that meet client needs and pass the highest level of audit scrutiny.

Josh has worked closely with finance executives across a broad range of public and private firms. He has led teams to value instruments such as equity, debt, and interest rate related derivative securities; executive compensation agreements; private companies; partnerships; earn-outs; and guarantees.

Fan Wang is a Valuation Consultant at Equity Methods with experience in valuing various financial instruments. Fan leads the valuation of equity compensation instruments for ASC 718 compliance, private companies, and also complex financial instruments such as warrants, convertible securities, and interest rate-related derivative securities.  Fan performed equity research at a leading asset management company, where she leveraged her knowledge of financial markets and skills in risk assessment. 

Equity Methods provides HR advisory serivces, fair value measurement, and financial reporting with a concentration in share-based compensation (ASC 718 and recent updates).

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Continuing Education Credits: 1 CEP (Accounting)