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Date and Time:5/15/2014 1-2pm EDT
Event:May 15, 2014 Michigan Chapter NASPP Meeting
Topic:Mission Impossible? Navigating Award Acceptance, Post-Grant Changes and Local Recharge Arrangements for International Equity Awards
Contact:Michelle Madge
Contact Phone:269-389-7338

Speakers: Brian K. Wydajewski and Aimee A. Soodan (Baker & McKenzie LLP)

Summary:  Some of the primary challenges facing multinational companies granting equity awards internationally center on practical issues that often go overlooked – (1) do award recipients need to “accept” their awards and if so, how can this be done? (2) what is the impact and requirements associated with changing the terms of outstanding equity awards for reasons ranging from changes in the law, reassignment to another country, enforcement of clawback provisions, or minimizing risks associated with prior legal/regulatory non-compliance; and (3)  what are the advantages, disadvantages and requirements associated with implementing global recharge (or reimbursement) arrangements, under which the local entities are charged with the cost of the equity awards (typically to enable them to take a local tax deduction).  This webinar will address these issues and will provide attendees with legal and practical perspectives on these often vexing questions, along with strategies for addressing them within the framework of their companies overall equity compensation strategy and administrative processes.

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