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Date and Time:6/18/2015 8:00AM
Event:Joint DC/MD/VA & Philadelphia NASPP Chapter Half Day Event
Topic:Session 1: Everything You Need to Know About ISS’ Equity Plan Scorecard in 75 Minutes with Jordan Kovler of DF King, Ken Lockett of AST, Scott McCloskey of Lincoln Financial and Laura Wanlass of Aon Hewitt Session 2: Living on Easy Street: Innovative Ideas to Make Your Life Easier with Barbara Baksa of NASPP and Emily Cervino of Fidelity
Location:Urban Outfitters, Building 543, 5000 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19112
Contact:Joel Joseph
Contact Phone:+1(215) 255-1832

Session 1 Description:  Join our panelists including Jordan Kovler of DF King, Ken Lockett of AST, Scott McCloskey of  Lincoln Financial and Laura Wanlass of Aon Hewitt as they cover the most important shareholder approval considerations.  The requirements for receiving shareholder approval of equity plans in the United States is pretty straight-forward. Obtain more than 50% of shareholders voting in favor of your plan or share request. But, no two shareholders are alike, and proxy advisor powerhouses ISS and Glass Lewis each have their own criteria of Dos and Don'ts. Nearly every country has a different set of requirements or guidelines. Keeping track of these differences, let alone conforming to them can be a dizzying exercise. However, in reviewing this myriad of preferences and requirements, a common set of themes emerge about dilution, overhang and a range of best (and worst) practices. Join these panelists as they focus on the best practice themes of program design, grant practices, managing burn rate (dilution) and communicating with shareholders in order to maximize your ability to get over the majority shareholder hump, if not far exceed it.

Session 2 Description:  Join Barbara Baksa of NASPP and Emily Cervino of Fidelity as they focus on methods of making your life easier within equity compensation.  No one promised you a rose garden, but with a little thought and action you can prune back some of the thorny issues and make your work life a lot easier. This session will highlight small changes that can pay big dividends in your administrative processes. From considering prior day close as your FMV, to using Excel to make reconciliations a snap, to simplifying RSU vesting events, this session is ready to open your eyes to an array of time saving, cost saving, and sanity saving shortcuts and tips. We’ll deliver at least ten clever and simple ideas for your move to easy street.

Post- Half Day Event Registration (Phillies Game):  If you are interested in attending the Phillies game with us after the program, please indicate your preference when contacting Joel Joseph.  Closer to the event, a Chapter Board Member will contact you with specific details (the cost will be $35 per ticket). Tickets will go quickly so please make sure to RSVP by April 10th. You will receive confirmation upon tickets being purchased.

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Continuing Education Credits: 2.5 CEP ()
Date and Time:12/9/2015
Event:DC/VA/MD NASPP Chapter Meeting
Topic:Accounting Topic presented by Equity Methods- Please reach out if you have a specific accounting topic that you would like us to consider
Location:TBD- Please reach out if you are interested in hosting this event at your location
Contact:Anu Saran
Contact Phone:202-729-5073
More Information:
Continuing Education Credits: 1 CEP (Accounting)