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Date and Time:9/1/2016 3:15-5pm (reception following the meeting)
Event:MD NASPP Chapter Meeting
Topic:Hot Topics in Equity Compensation: Post Vesting Holding Periods, Employee Selling Behavior, ESPP Plan Design, ASC Simplification, Participant Perceptions, and Pay for Performance
Location:7315 Wisconsin Ave 150W & 225W Bethesda, MD 20814
Contact:DC-VA-MD Board Members
Contact Phone:202-729-5073

Turning Up the Heat with Hot Topics in Equity Compensation

In these dog days of summer, Emily Cervino, Fidelity Stock Plan Services, and Julia Franke, Radford, have compiled a refreshing session that brings you what you need to know on some of today’s hottest equity compensation topics.  The lineup of sizzling topics including post vesting holding periods, employee selling behavior, ESPP plan design, ASC simplification, participant perceptions, and Pay for Performance.  And, when you think it can’t get any hotter, join us for a cool down with a chilled beverage at our post meeting happy hour!


Emily Cervino, CEP, Vice President, Fidelity Stock Plan Services

Working in varied roles in the equity compensation industry since 1998, Emily has a unique appreciation for the opportunities and challenges of equity compensation.  At Fidelity Stock Plan Services, Emily focuses on strategic marketing initiatives, thought leadership, and building Fidelity’s strong industry presence.

In her former role as executive director of the Certified Equity Professional Institute (CEPI) at SCU, Emily was involved in all aspects of certification, research, and program marketing. In previous roles, Emily managed all the equity compensation programs at National Semiconductor and held various roles at E*TRADE/ShareData.     

Emily is a frequent speaker at equity compensation events, past president of the Silicon Valley Chapter of the NASPP,  a member of NASPP, GEO, and NCEO, and a 2015 recipient of the NASPP's Individual Achievement Award. Emily is a Certified Equity Professional (CEP) and she holds Series 7 and 63 securities registrations.

Julia Franke, Senior Consultant, Aon Equity Services

Julia Franke is a Senior Consultant at Aon as part of the equity compensation consulting team.  Julia has more than nine years of experience in benefits and compensation consulting.  Julia works directly with clients to design well-constructed equity compensation plans, practices and procedures. Julia specializes in the valuation of equity compensation under Topic 718, including Employee Stock Options, Performance Based Awards and Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPPs).  She has extensive experience with Monte Carlo simulations for the valuation of market based awards, as well as award modification valuations.  She also is the strategic marketing leader for Aon’s PeerTracker, which tracks and communicates performance awards to clients, benefitting Human Resources and Financial Reporting, as well as Aon’s PeerTracker Governance tool.  This tool allows companies to track metrics such as Relative Degree of Alignment, Multiples of Median, and Absolute Pay-TSR alignment for themselves and their peers to ensure that pay for performance is truly aligned.

Julia earned Bachelor of Science degrees in applied mathematics and economics from Shippensburg State University.  She is currently pursuing her Certified Equity Professional (CEP) designation.


More Information:
Continuing Education Credits: 1 CEP (Various)
Date and Time:9/21/2016 8:00 AM
Event:2nd Annual Joint DC/VA/MD & Philadelphia NASPP Chapter Half Day Event
Topic:Session 1: Global Equity Compliance 2.0 - Taking it to the Next Level with Barbara Klementz of Baker McKenzie Session 2: Hold. Flip. Split: Acrobatics of Employee Ownership with Emily Cervino of Fidelity
Location:Press Box at Lincoln Financial Field, 1 Lincoln Financial Field Way, Philadelphia, PA 19147
Contact:DC-VA-MD Board Members
Contact Phone:202-729-5073

Session 1 Description:  If you feel that you have a good handle on global compliance issues, let’s take it up a notch!  In this presentation, Barbara Klementz of Baker McKenzie will cover a number of complex issues that can cause headaches for even the most sophisticated stock plan professionals:

  • Treatment of awards held by employees on a leave of absence and the merits of a global leave of absence policy
  • Favorable retirement provisions (based on age or age + service)
  • Tying equity awards to non-complete/non-solicitation/confidentiality covenants
  • Clawback provisions
  • The rise of Total Rewards Statements and inclusion of equity awards in TSRs
  • Special tax issues for awards held by terminated employees
  • Electronic acceptance – myths and facts

Session 2 Description:  What employees do with vested RSUs has long been a mystery to most companies. When shares hit the employee account, plan sponsor visibility is lost. And, while ESPP share selling behavior has been seen through disposition reporting, companies have very little insight into how selling behavior is linked to plan type and demographic variances.  In this session, Emily Cervino of Fidelity Stock Plan Services uncovers a host of new views into these previously unknown areas,  including  how the value of the payout impacts behavior, what ESPP discount levels create more employee holders, what impact age has, if tenure and location make a difference, and how Section 16 behavior varies.  And, mixing and matching of all data areas creates a virtual menu of choices on how to assess employee selling behavior. 

More Information:
Continuing Education Credits: 2.5 CEP (Various)