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Date and Time:4/23/2015 Noon
Event:Legal and Administrative Nightmares Around the Globe
Topic:How to Navigate Problem Countries – Presented by John Doyle of International Law Solutions PC
Location:Charles Schwab's New Campus 9800 Schwab Way, Lone Tree, Colorado
Contact:John Barringer-Chapter President
Contact Phone:720-354-3858

Session Summary This session will highlight the current legal and administrative challenges that impact stock awards around the globe.  We will discuss cost-effective solutions for operating stock plans in problem countries such as the EU Member States, China, India, Japan, and other countries.  These issues may concern securities, tax, currency exchange, and labor laws applicable to stock plans, as well as cultural factors.  We will share our experiences and recommendations on how to navigate the issues.  We will also discuss potential challenges on the horizon and how companies are preparing for them.


Jon F. Doyle advises multinational companies on global equity compensation programs. He has extensive experience advising businesses on the tax, securities, foreign exchange, labor, data privacy, and e-commerce issues they may encounter in each country where they offer stock option, stock purchase, restricted stock, phantom stock, stock appreciation right, cash bonus, venture capital, and directed share plans to their employees, directors, and consultants.

Mr. Doyle also represents clients on a wide range of global human resources issues, such as cross-border employment, data privacy, and global pensions.  He has advised numerous employers on the nuances of local laws in the context of human resources

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Continuing Education Credits: 80202 CEP (Securities Law)